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Creating a Basic Linux Service Using Systemd

When I started deploying web app on my server, I ran it using nohup instead of running it as a service. I did it because I thought making a service is hard. Apparently, I was wrong.

Step by Step: Build Caddy From the Source

After finished setting up my VPS, next I want to install Caddy as my web server. Even though Caddy is still quite new, I prefer using it rather than the existing web server like Apache or Nginx. The reasons are :

Step by Step: Setting Up a New VPS

I’ve bought a new VPS from Vultr for my own data server. This post is documentation of the steps that I took on setting up my new VPS. The OS that used in VPS is Ubuntu 18.04 64-bit, while OS in my local machine is Manjaro 64-bit.