Duit, Simple Money Manager Built with Go and Mithril (22/3/20)

Yesterday I released Duit, a simple money manager built with Go and Mithril.js. It's available in Github and released under MIT license.

I created this app for me and my wife so the feature is a bit lacking, just the bare needed features to track where the money goes. I made this because I don't feel really comfortable to use existing online money tracker where my data stored in other people server, so I prefer to self-hosted it. It's also a good execise for me to learn Mithril framework.

While simple, I think it covers all basic features like :

  • tracking income and expense;
  • charting monthly cumulative money; and
  • responsive UI for mobile device.

Screenshot that shows the basic income and expense tracking

This is how the monthly chart looks like

It's also responsive for in mobile device