My name is Radhi Fadlillah, a developer from Indonesia. Right now I'm working as full-stack software developer in one of local retail around my area. The main purpose of this site is to save and share any new knowledge that I found, especially about software development. I'm not really active on social media, so the only way to contact me is via Github and email.


I have (at least I think I have) sufficient skills in :

  1. Back-end development using Go language.
  2. Front-end development using Less for CSS preprocessor and Mithril.js for Javascript framework.
  3. Relational database using MySQL or MariaDB.

I also have experience on :

  1. Native Android development using Java and Kotlin. Granted it's been quite long since I work on them so my knowledge might be obsolete, especially since (I hear) Android API is changed quite fast.
  2. Front-end development using Vue.js. The last time I using it is when Vue 2 just released. Might try it again later, especially since Vue 3 already released.


There are too many, but here are a few :

  1. Till this day I still don't understand big O notation.
  2. I don't really understand how Docker and its family works, though at least I can write a simple Dockerfile.
  3. I never use JavaScript bundler like Babel, Webpack, Rollup, Parcel, etc. Thanks to this, I never use JS frameworks that requires them (React for example). The only bundler that I've use is esbuild mostly because it's simple (almost zero configuration) and it's really fast.
  4. I don't have credit card, so I never use AWS, GAE or any other services that requires credit card. With that said, I have zero experience with stuffs like Lambda, serverless, etc.
  5. While I'm fine on reading and writing English, the same can't be said for my speaking.

About this site

This site is a static site generated by Boom, my own static site generator. It's open source and hosted on GitHub pages. The theme is inspired by GEOS, an operating system and graphical user interface for the Commodore 64 computer. It uses GoatCounter for analytics and you can see the statistics here.

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